Shift Happens can identify, diagnose, solve or altogether prevent people issues. With our expertise in Human Resources and Organizational Development, we help you get to the core issue – what is really going on – then develop solutions using our 3-step model.

We specialize in consulting small to medium-sized organizations and startups. Our expertise is in:

  • Talent Management – are you hiring the right people for your organization and culture? are you hiring a diverse or homogenous team? are you developing leaders and giving growth opportunities? are you retaining standout people? are you exiting people in a dignified, fair, and legal way?
  • Team Building – how do your teams know how to work together? are they high-functioning? are they producing results?
  • Employee Relations – how do you manage employer-employee and employee-employee relationships?
  • Performance Management – do you/your leaders give teams feedback? do you regularly assess performance so you can plan for the future?
  • Growth & Development – what programs and training do you offer people to ensure they keep their skills sharp and their interest level high?
  • Communications – what is the tone of your company? do you use it inside and outside the company? are your communications planned out?
  • Meeting Facilitation – are your meetings productive, concise, results-oriented?
  • Policy Review and Enhancement – do your policies align with your culture? are they working?
  • Mobility (Relocation) Consultation – are you hiring outside the area? are you sending people from one location to another on a regular basis? are you bleeding money because of it?

Here’s the reality – most small to medium-sized organizations would benefit from having a full-time Human Resources professional on staff but most can’t justify the investment, in part because they don’t know how much money it will save them.

Do you know how much it costs to replace a team member? According to SHRM, it could cost up to 5x the annual salary of a bad hire. Trust us, it’s much easier and cost-effective to keep and invest in the people you have.

That’s where we come in.

If your people aren’t getting along, morale is down, customers are calling to complain, your people are missing customer deadlines and turnover is up, don’t wait… us.



Consulting Overview


While we can consult anyone, our sweet spot is small to medium-sized organizations. If you’re not sure whether you fall into this range, contact us.


To create the best solutions we need real information from you and your people. We may conduct interviews, surveys, and/or focus groups. This data reveals where the cracks are in your armor – people, processes, culture, leadership? We use this analysis to diagnose how best to fix these problems and minimize future ones.

Any solutions or programs we develop with you will target both teams and individuals and show the connection between mindset, behaviors, and outcomes. Our shared end goal is to link individual needs to company goals in order to improve the organization’s overall financial health.


Your organization will see increased:

  • Clarity of organizational purpose, mission and values
  • Knowledge of core organizational issues
  • Performance and productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Retention of key team members


Consulting for each organization will vary depending on size, issue(s), availability, and other factors but we love a good project plan, so we lay out a clear path for clients with estimated costs before digging into the work.