For Individuals

Shift Happens, especially in our careers. We’ve made shifts of our own up, over, down, and even out. Even when you choose the change, it’s stressful because so much of the process is unknown. We can shift that.
With combined experience of almost 40 years in HR, we’ve recruited for all kinds of positions – highly technical, highly relational, and everything in between.
  • We know what makes your resume rock, not suck
  • We know what gets you a second interview
  • We know what companies are really willing to negotiate
Want to shift your career up, over, or out…
Every client has a unique set of needs. Some want a little help getting started others are completely out of their element and want step-by-step guidance. Whatever you need, we have a package that gives you an edge over other candidates and creates an impactful way of showcasing your talents. Take a look and let us know which one works for you. If nothing is an exact fit, we can customize a package that aligns your highest priority needs with your budget.

Career Shift Packages

Package A
Get Started $99

This is an ideal option for someone looking to stay in the same field or looking to get started. We offer a complete review of your current resume marking errors in punctuation, spelling and grammar. We suggest updates to the formatting of your resume to make it pop and as a bonus you will receive our Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts Tip Sheet.

Package B
A Little Help $149

This is for the serious job seeker! We offer a full rewrite of your current resume to highlight most relevant technical and behavioral skills to help you land your ideal job. We will format your resume most preferred by recruiters across all industries and provide you a cover letter that can be easily customized as you apply to your dream job!

Package C
An Edge $249

Who doesn’t want an edge on the competition? The Edge provides you everything in Package B PLUS a one hour mock interview using the most common and difficult interview questions. We will coach you and provide honest feedback on your responses and how to manage your body language.

Package D
The Works $499

Give me the works! We leave no stone unturned as we completely overhaul your resume, interview skills and help you negotiate for your best job offer. The Works includes everything in Package C PLUS additional refinement of your interviewing skills as well as one full hour job offer negotiation practice. Do you know what you can negotiate and when is the best time to ask for it? If the answer is “no” then this is a critical piece to add to your toolkit!

Package E
The Big Shift $999

No longer love what you do? Have you lost your passion for the work you do? If yes, get ready to make some serious shift in your career with The Big Shift.

In this package you will receive everything in Package D PLUS:

Assess – MBTI assessment that will include a one-hour debrief and full report. We will help you identify strengths & struggles and compare those against your current career choice.

Explore – Get ready to explore what exhausts and energizes you about your work in this facilitated and private one-hour exploration workshop.

Brainstorm – Using the assessment and exploration data, we will facilitate a private one-hour brainstorming session to help you envision new career paths.

Package F
You're in Control Pricing Varies

We all have unique needs, if you don’t see a package that is an exact fit, contact us! We can help design a package specifically for you, and only you. Doesn’t it feel good to be in control?