Leadership Development

Leadership Development

You need leaders who can make shift happen. But, are leaders born or made? Both. Whether you have a team of born leaders or leaders in the making, our programs enhance leadership skills by building self-awareness and offering candid feedback for the sake of creating a solid foundation to build on. Once the foundation is set, we help individuals capitalize on their strengths then manage the gaps in their leadership abilities giving them the confidence to lead in any situation.

All of our programs are customizable to meet unique needs including details of the content, experiential learning activities, time frames, and follow up process. The following workshops can be taken separately or can be bundled to create a comprehensive program.


  • Assessment to identify leadership style, strengths, challenges
  • Pros & Cons to different leadership styles
  • Effective communication up, over, and down
  • Successful public speaking and presentations
  • Give AND receive feedback well
  • Planning ahead – developing others
  • One-on-one coaching sessions

     LEADER 2.0

  • Explore differences between Leadership and Management
  • Is your leadership style working?
  • Communicating difficult information
  • Coaching without commanding or manipulating
  • Mentoring makes a difference
  • Planning ahead – where else can you lead
  • One-on-one coaching sessions

Program Overview


Our programs are designed for:

  • Individuals currently in a leadership role
  • Individuals identified as high potentials
  • Individuals wanting to move up in their career


Our programs are about helping leaders be honest and clear about their style, strengths, and challenges. We help you:

  • Know your style and how it’s perceived and received by others
  • Know your strengths and how to leverage them
  • Know your challenges and how to lead well despite them
  • Hone interpersonal and relationship-building skills needed to be an effective leader
  • Understand the impact of poor or meaningful communication on yourself, the team and the overall organization


You will gain:

  • Specific information about your leadership style
  • Awareness about the effectiveness of different leadership styles
  • Solutions that can be implemented tomorrow and beyond
  • A process for monitoring progress to continue to build leadership abilities


  • We recommend minimum 3 hours for most sessions, depending on your level of self awareness
  • Ongoing one-on-one coaching is strongly suggested