Our Commitment

We view all of our work as a partnership so please know going in that we need your participation. The following is a brief list of things we will need in order to deliver on our promises:

  • Transparency: we’ll tell you when things are good, bad, ugly, and plain old FUBAR. It wastes time, energy, and money to do anything but be transparent so even if it’s uncomfortable, we promise, 20 years in Corporate America has given us really, really, really thick skin. We can take it so please dish it out.
  • Accountability: here’s the reality, every organization has issues. Here’s another reality, every organization’s issues can be improved so long as people take accountability. It’s not always fun to take accountability but it is always necessary if you want to move forward.
  • Openness: as a partner, we need to know what you know. Over the course of our careers we’ve kept confidential the most private information about both people and business. We make the same commitment of confidentiality to you.
  • Stuff: there are undoubtedly documents, logos, memos, blogs, emails, etc. that have details in them we would find useful in creating solutions for you. Our solutions are better with these things than without so share with us what “stuff” you have that will help us better understand and solve for you.