Team Building

Team Building

What kind of team do you have – a group of people who sit in a room together with the hope of getting their individual needs met or a group of people who come together with a shared purpose of achieving a common goal? Are your meetings a waste of time? Do you leave without anything being completed or assigned? Do you make unilateral decisions because it’s just easier? Yeah, we’ve been there. You need some serious shift to happen.

Whether your team is newly formed or has been intact for years, these programs help improve relationships, reduce unproductive conflict, increase buy-in and decrease overall project completion times. For optimal results, we recommend teams complete the following in the order listed:

  • The Basics – effectively running meetings, having a decision-making process
  • Communication – advocating an idea, getting buy-in, giving/receiving feedback
  • Clarity – team purpose, roles & responsibilities
  • Accountability – holding yourself and others accountable in the group
  • Conflict – how to have good conflict, how to minimize bad conflict

All of our programs are customized to meet each team’s unique needs including details of the content, experiential learning activities, time frames, and follow up process.

Program Overview


  • Work teams, committees, departments, Boards, cross-functional teams or any group working toward a common goal
  • Existing groups
  • Newly formed/forming groups


Our interactive workshops go beyond tools and techniques and reveal insights about members’ contributions to group successes and setbacks. We use real-life team scenarios and examples to create practical solutions for overcoming long-standing issues as well as minor roadblocks to being a high functioning team producing real results. We help teams:

  • Communicate clearly, concisely, compassionately
  • Disagree productively not destructively
  • Hold each other accountable for being a high-functioning team member
  • Make better decisions together


You will gain:

  • Confidence to be transparent about ideas and concerns
  • Facilitative approach to interactions and leadership of teams
  • Effective prevention and intervention methods to address dysfunctional behaviors
  • A decision-making process that creates genuine buy-in


Depending on group dynamic and size:

  • Recommend minimum 3 hours for most workshops spread out over 8 weeks
  • Ongoing group facilitation strongly suggested