What We Do

Your small business needs on-demand HR support. Your HR person needs support expanding their organizational reach. You want a fresh take on development.


We support organizations in a variety of ways including talent searches, employee and leadership development, team building, public speaking coaching, meeting facilitation, and more.

 You love your work and are ready for the next level. You're stuck and need a career shift. You have an opportunity to be in the spotlight and it needs to be perfect.


We work with people at all stages of their career whether they're ready to make a complete industry switch or just sharpen their interviewing skills, we can help.

A  client asks for a service outside your wheelhouse. You have more work than you can handle but you say "yes" because the client asked and you're committed to delivering. You need help but aren't ready to take on an employee.


We partner with consultants on talent searches, client communications, pitches, meeting facilitation, leadership development training and more. 

Why Shift

Because you're ready...

  • To hire the right person for the right job right now

  • To sharpen (or maybe soften) your leadership skills 

  • To invest in your people because being stagnant is not an option on your team

  • To make a big, scary, audacious career leap

  • To work with a trusted partner 


Whatever the shift, we're ready to help you make it happen.





"Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end."

Robin Sharma




are you ready?

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