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Launch Package

When you first launch a business, Human Resource compliance and infrastructure may not be your first priority. We get it. We also get the risk involved with this. But, you've invested the sweat equity into starting a business so let us use our expertise to help you protect it.


For businesses that launched within the last 5 years that have <10 employees, our Launch package includes:


  • Handbook Review / Creation

  • I-9 Audit

  • Employee File Audit

  • Payroll Audit 


Growth Package

You launched your business a few years ago and have done the work to keep it going. Now, you’re ready for more. But more clients means more work and more work means you need to grow your team and optimize their performance. This is where we come in. 


For businesses with 5 or more years under their belt and 10-100 employees, our Growth package includes:


  • Recruitment strategy identification

  • Recruitment process development

  • Performance management strategy identification

  • Performance management process development

  • Tools and technology identification

  • Tools and technology training


Leader Package

You know the saying, “people leave managers, not companies”. Can you launch and grow a business with underdeveloped or misaligned leadership? Yes, but it’ll cost you - lower performance, higher turnover, unexpected costs, and possible damage to your brand. We provide services to develop the leadership abilities needed to make your business thrive. 


Our Leader package includes:


  • Set of Leadership Assessments

  • 360-Feedback

  • Goal Setting

  • Action Plan Development

  • Series of Accountability Sessions



À La Carte

Maybe you don’t have a Human Resources team yet and need some one-time support. Maybe you have a Human Resources team but they are focused on other priorities. Whatever the case, we provide a wide range of à la carte services including:


  • Recruitment

    • Executive

    • Managerial

    • Professional

    • Manufacturing

    • Entry-Level / New Grad

  • Training 

    • Supervisory 101

    • HR for Non-HR Managers

    • Interviewing

    • Performance Evaluation

    • Anti-Sexual Harassment

    • Giving Effective Feedback

    • Having Difficult Conversations

  • Performance Evaluation

    • 360

    • 1-on-1

    • Peer-to-Peer

  • Team Building

    • Assessments: Personality, Work Preference, Communication Style, Leadership Style

    • Team Activities to Build Collaboration

    • Team Meeting Facilitation to Improve Communication & Reduce Conflict

  • Facilitation




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