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Career Shift

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Who you are on "paper" is what gets your foot in the door. We use our years of talent search experience to revamp your resumé and cover letter so they highlight the best in your background and expertise. 

  • 30-minute introductory call

  • Revamping current resumé

  • Creating a cover letter

  • 30-minute review call












Sometimes you need a deeper dive into you and what you are naturally awesome at so we offer Work Style, Leadership Style, and Personality assessments for those ready for deeper insight into their optimal career path options. We are certified in:

  • Hogan

  • WorkPlace Big 5

  • Myers-Briggs Type Instrument

  • DiSC

  • 360 Feedback

  • StrengthsFinder




$99.00 - $749.00



Your online profile matters because it's one of the first things companies research about prospective candidates. We know what they look for makes you shine.

  • Create LinkedIn profile OR

  • Optimize existing LinkedIn profile














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