Shift Happens, LLC is my baby. Well, after my actual baby who's almost a teenager. I started it so I could do the work I love, the way I love to do it.


I have several certifications that say, “hey, I know what I’m doing” like the PHR, MBTI, DiSC, WB5, and LEA 360 Analysis to name just a few. 


But I do more than collect acronyms. I do the work - OD, HR, and a couple of days a week a few hundred students call me Professor. 


In my spare time, I write and talk. I share my wit on a weekly blog and I've spoken at more events than I can count, my favorite, of course, being my TEDx talk. I was terrified to give that talk but I wasn't going to let a little terror stop me. It never had before.


I did it. And that's basically my life in three words...I did it.


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People were always coming and going from my house. They’d stop by and before they knew it, Angela, aka “Ma,” was pushing a bowl of macaroni on them. Watching her always care for people, it was inevitable I’d choose HR.

But, I started in accounting doing taxes for small businesses and startups. Helping clients avoid unwanted visits from the IRS was good but I wanted more so, I started doing payroll, handbooks, and policies.

I was also earning my BS in HR, and when Prof. Rodriguez (she doesn't make me call her that anymore) introduced herself and said her business was Shift Happens, I knew I had to work here. But, she wasn’t hiring, or so she thought. It took a few tries but I am Angela’s son.

Having spare time isn’t something I’m used to but now that I’ve earned my MBA and PHR, you’ll find me in the kitchen making fresh tortellini and chicken parm. Why? Because why not.


And that’s basically my life in three words because why not.

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all business


I'm the cat who owns the woman who owns Shift Happens, LLC. 


I have no degrees or certifications or worries and I've never set foot outside of my kingdom, or what your kind calls a house.


But I do have years of experience in scratching her pants to get her attention (command), meowing until I get what I want (persuasion), napping 75% of the day (work-life balance), and using my charm to get out of trouble when my claws somehow shred her favorite rug (woo).



She might be out there blazing trails and he might be all business, all the time, but I'm the boss around here.



My life in three-ish words? I need a nap.


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the boss

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