Shift Happens, LLC is my baby. Well, after my actual baby who's almost a teenager. I started it so I could do the work I love, the way I love to do it.


I have several certifications that say, “hey, I know what I’m doing” like the PHR, MBTI, DiSC, WB5, and LEA 360 Analysis to name just a few. 


But I do more than collect acronyms. I do the work - OD, HR, and a couple days a week a few hundred students call me Professor. 


In my spare time, I write and talk. I've shared my wit on a weekly blog and spoken at more events than I can count, my favorite, of course, being my TEDx talk. I was terrified to give that talk but I wasn't going to let a little terror stop me. It never had before.


I did it. And that's basically my life in three words...I did it.


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I'm the cat who owns the woman who owns Shift Happens, LLC. 


I have no degrees, certifications or worries, and I've never set foot outside my kingdom, or what your kind calls a house.


But I do have years of experience in scratching things to get attention (command), meowing until I get fed (persuasion), napping 75% of the day (work-life balance), and using my charm to get out of trouble when I use her favorite rug as my scratching post (woo).



She might be out there blazing trails but I'm the boss around here.



My life in three-ish words? I'll be napping if you need me. 


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the boss